5 Essential Skills to Achieve High Proficiency in IOS App Development

5 Essential Skills to Achieve High Proficiency in IOS App Development

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Apple sold its billionth iOS device way back in November 2014, and the number has only increased since then. A large share of this popularity goes to a bevy of brilliant iOS apps, some of which come inbuilt with the products themselves, facilitating the basic operations. Why are they so important?

Well, no matter which Apple product you use – a MAC, an iPhone or an iPad, without an arsenal of the right apps, your Apple experience is incomplete. No wonder, iOS application development services are in high demand globally, and ‘iOS App Developer’ makes it to the ‘hot jobs’ list in every legitimate recruitment site. Want to lap up the incredible opportunities that the sector has to offer? Here are the five skills that you need to hone to become a hirable iOS app developer:

  1. Learn The Right Programming Language Swift

If you are contemplating a career in iOS development, you need to master Swift. This programming language has been created by Apple for the development of all their present and future apps. Swift is by no means a ‘small’ language. However, as a fresher, you are not expected to know all the details. For an entry level job, you need to have a fair knowledge of the various aspects including basic syntax, source control, control flow, error handling, and objective-C interoperability, among others.

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  1. Think About Objects in Three Dimensions

You need to be a great visualizer to be a successful iOS developer. Your ability to envisage how users will interact with your application can be critical to your development success. You will have to take a three-dimensional approach to the development, taking note of the spatial relations that exist among various objects. How to brush up these abilities? Study the platform well so that you can get to know what types of controls/inputs are available. Handling real projects will enable you to master the skill faster.

  1. Get Acquainted With the Guidelines

iOS developers need to follow certain specific patterns and guidelines while creating intuitive apps for the Apple devices. For example, when it comes to the storage and display of data, Apple has some standardized guidelines for all its devices. And you will have to make an in-depth study in these design patterns to be able to add a fair amount of intuitive features to your application. That is why you must focus on learning some fundamental iOS development tools such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), delegate patterns, and notifications.

  1. Achieve Version Control With Git And GitHub

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Version control is an important aspect of application development. Git, a free and open source distributed version control system, is used to speed up any development project – big or small. It also helps maintain the data integrity and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.  As an aspiring iOS developer, you should acquire a good deal of familiarity with Git and GitHub. This will enable you to add several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for all types of projects.

  1. Get A Grasp on Grand Central Dispatch

In the field of development, concurrency refers to an application or software’s ability to perform multiple functions at once. This is an essential feature of a good quality app.  Grand Central Dispatch or GCD allows you to add ‘concurrency’ feature to your apps. Why is this important? This feature stops devices from crashing when it is made to perform a number of tasks simultaneously.  So, you need to learn about GCD if you don’t want your apps to cause crashes.

Given the surging demand for iOS application development services, it comes as little surprise that many aspire to become professional iOS app developers. But it is not easy; you will need time to perfect your skills.

Master the above-mentioned tools and techniques, keep an eye on the app stores, and join the iOS development communities to know what is going on in this highly dynamic field. Pursue a well-planned learning path if you want to stand out in this competitive space.


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