5 Steps to Maximizing Your Health Plan Coverage

5 Steps to Maximizing Your Health Plan Coverage


Health insurance is one of the things that any hardworking individual must have. It is actually one of the benefits that is being given to most employees across the globe. In having a health insurance, individuals under a certain organization or corporation are able to ensure themselves against the risk of incurring medical bills and expenses.

It is the employee’s responsibility to grasp and understand the coverage of his/her insurance. If you are eager to maximize your health plan and are confused on what to do, then here are the steps that you have to follow in order to make the most out of your health plan coverage:

  1. Speak To Your Employer – Communication is very important. Whether you are employed in a small or huge business, it is necessary to ask for guidance regarding your benefits including health insurance. You can ask your HR representative or your supervisor about your health plan. Health insurance will help you in the long run so you have to make sure that every detail of it will be layed to you by your employer. Also, it is important to address your wants and needs so that your employer will know what steps must be taken in order to meet your concerns. Sharing of thoughts and opinions are truly a must.


  1. Know The Corresponding Perks – Like what is said, you have to know every detail of your insurance. There are corresponding perks per coverage and you should be fully aware of them. In general, some of the perks may include the following:
  • Outpatient Care – Outpatient care is medical care provided on an outpatient basis, including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation services.


  • Free calls to doctors/nurses – There are times where a company, through the use of a health card, allows you to do free calls to doctors and nurses for urgent concerns and consultation.
  • Preventive Care – Free preventive care is also one of the perks that you may have from you health plan. Some of the ones covered are: Diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol tests. Breast, cervical, and colon cancer screening and health education counseling.
  • Alternative medicine discounts – Some health plans offer this to lessen the expenses. This will be helpful for those who have insufficient budget.
  1. Learn More About The Medical Provider – It is important to familiarize yourself about your medical provider as this will help you in the long run. You can’t just rely everything to your boss or to your supervisor. In the end, you are the only person who can help yourself so make sure to get to know every information that you may get in order to fully utilize and use all of the services that your medical provider is offering.


  1. Be Ready If You Have An Appointment – Of course, you have to be ready and be vigilant as well. You have to make sure that you will lay everything that you are feeling to the doctor. Appointments will help you in order to know your sickness and get proper medication. Don’t come as if the world has doomed just because you’re sick, you still have to look presentable. Mind over matter is the key.


  1. Do A Follow-up – Follow-ups are necessary. There are times when your employer forgets your concerns because of heavy workloads. If you need to clarify something, ask your employer. Follow-up through email and schedule a personal private talk. It is both your responsibility and right as an employee to know about your health coverage. You don’t want to just accept something without knowing anything especially in terms of your benefits as an employee.

Health insurance is something that should not be taken from granted. In order to maximize it, you should be informed and be knowledgeable about it. With that, things will go smoothly. Like what people always say, health is wealth.

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a resident writer for Insurance Advisernet, one of Australia’s largest and most respected General Insurance businesses in Australia and New Zealand. In line with the association’s goal, Mark writes to raise awareness and inform future business owners as well about the insurance policies that they may consider.


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