7 Indoor Workouts to Keep You Fit This Winter With No Excuses

7 Indoor Workouts to Keep You Fit This Winter With No Excuses


In a few days, we’ll say goodbye to November and welcome December. And you know what that means – winter season. There won’t be any daylight to kiss your face every morning and you have little to zero motivation to work up a sweat by running around the block. The ice-cold outdoors give you a hundred reasons to slack off indoors to stay warm and pig out in buffets and holiday feasts.

The result? Nothing but weight gain.

Well, we cannot blame you for hibernating like polar bears in the North Pole. But you can’t blame December either. There are a number of ways to work out and maintain your shape without battling with extreme cold outdoors.

To keep you fit during the cold season, here are seven sports and fitness activities you’ll enjoy indoors while burning a hefty number of calories.

  1. Tennis / Table tennis

What is better than enjoying an exhilarating sport while losing weight? Sharing the wonderful experience with a partner or with a few companions, I believe. Instead of heading to the gym this winter, enjoy shedding off some pounds by going to the nearest indoor tennis court.

Tennis is one of the best ways to sculpt your arms. Tennis tests your arm coordination and strength through moves like slamming and throwing. Tennis also works on your mental health by improving your concentration and reflexes. You can invite your friends to the nearest indoor tennis court.

Too lazy to go outside? You may invest in a table tennis equipment you can play with your family and friends at home all year round. Table tennis is addictive and a single high-speed game can immediately burn 270 calories in a 150-pound person.

  1. Wall climbing

Sure, you have tried lifting a dumbbell or barbell, but have you tried lifting yourself? If not, take your mind, body, and spirit with you as you conquer the heights through wall climbing.

Taking all the fun stuff aside, wall climbing is a non-traditional exercise that works on your physical and mental strength. Since it is a cardio workout, it increases your heart rate and burns up to 650 calories per hour. Aside from burning calories, it also tones all major muscle groups in your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and core for a leaner frame this season.

  1. Trampoline

Trampolines never fail to bring back childhood memories. However, it’s not too late to unleash the child in you and jump on these bounce mats in order to get fit.

Taking all the fun aspects aside, the trampoline is a fitness craze. Bouncing for six minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to running a mile. The activity is also low-impact, protecting your bones and joints as you hop like a kid.

  1. Indoor Cycling

The idea of feeling the cold breeze caressing your face while cycling around the block sounds daunting. If you want to reap the benefits of cycling without encountering the freezing winds, stationary bicycles might be for you.

You can either head to the gym with stationary bikes or present yourself in spin or intense indoor cycling classes. Cycling promotes stronger bones, a hundred calories burned, and toned tush, thighs, and calves. Lastly, there’s no helmet required.

  1. Dancing

Apart from being a beautiful “art in motion,” dancing is a fun cardiovascular exercise. The great thing about dancing is it’s hard not to enjoy it. Once you fall in love with the exercise, dancing won’t feel like work to burn calories and tone muscles but rather a hobby.

Instead of slacking off on your couch, eating a bag of chips, spend a few hours watching dance workout DVDs or online dance tutorials and twist your way through high-energy dance routines such as ballet, waltz, belly dancing, swing, and aerobics at home. So what if you’re born with two left feet? As long as you have the guts and the motivation to get fit, no one should stop you from dancing.

  1. Boxing

Want to beat the chill? Sweat out by grabbing your gloves and throwing some punches in the boxing ring. Boxing focuses on your cardio and conditioning to boost your stamina. A few boxing rounds can instantly provide a full-body workout, helping you lose fat and tone your muscles instead of bulking them up. Boxing, without any doubt, is stress-relieving too.

  1. Pilates

Worried about your tummy bloat after you were invited to several buffets for the past week? It’s time to flatten your tummy and sculpt your core with Pilates. Though it has different versions, the main objective of the exercise is to condition your body, especially your core, and improve flexibility and balance.

You can do the workout at home using your gym mat and an instructional DVD. If you want professional instructions, you may opt for Pilates classes or private lessons. Experienced trainers may give you modified moves that can suit your fitness level. The classes usually take 45 to 60 minutes.


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