A Detailed Analysis of the Work Place Safety & the Principal Of...

A Detailed Analysis of the Work Place Safety & the Principal Of electrical insulation mats And Their Safe Usage


Safety of workers in their respective work stations are a major concern globally. The various labor laws prevailing in the United States or say in any other country throughout the world guarantees basic hygiene and respects human rights in terms of employment. Every worker has the right to work in a safe and danger free environment. So, the utmost duty and responsibility of an employer is ensuring a healthy and suitable work station infrastructure to every worker working in his organization.

My Findings on Safety Measures in Workstations in under developed economies:

Most of the workstations in an under developed as well as developing economies are not fully compatible with the labor laws. Safety measures in workstations that include workers to work in high voltage area like power station, boilers, metallurgical industries, etc often end up in severe electrical hazards claiming lives of hundreds. As the economy is bit tight in these countries, the companies fail to provide basic safety measures to their employees.

This in turn results to unhappy and panic stricken employees who are always in a fear to lose their life or meet some expected injuries during their working hours. Countries like India and other south Asian countries are trying to provide these certain basic safety shields to their workers and assuring the UN that they are co-operating with international labor protocols and safety of workers. With the ongoing good trade relations between India and America, more and more foreign investors are finding hope in investing in Indian heavy industries and as a result of which the Indian companies are bound to follow certain safety protocols before they roll out production.

Causes of work station electrical hazards:

The major cause of electrical hazards like fire breakouts, short circuits and current overflow are mainly due to improper insulation of the meter boxes and control panels. Proper insulation and installation of rubber mats and electrical insulation mats on the site is very important to prevent any sort of fire break outs or electrical hazards.


How can you be affected by Electric hazards?

To begin with, let us know how electrical hazards can be classified and what its types are.

  • The first recognized category of electrical nuisance is electrical shock.
  • The second category is electrical burns.
  • The third one is the dreaded consequence of explosion which consists of flying particles, pressure impact from vaporized conductors.
  • Burns that include Non FR clothing  burn onto skin
  • Clouds of Fire that spread quickly through building
  • Flying objects that can be often molten metal and causes death in most cases.
  • Sound Blast that generates noise of frequency 140 dB.
  • Tremendous Heat waves of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit rises upward and damages everything on its way.

How do you get an electric shock?

Electric shock are usually caused when you

  • Accidentally touch the naked non-insulated wirings.
  • There is a Material failure which went unnoticed.
  • Dust and debris have accumulated the wiring site for a long time.
  • Repeated corrosion has taken places for a long time and needs immediate attention.
  • Faulty installation and dropping tools are one of the most important causes for severe electrical hazards or shocks.
  • An individual may offer a conduit between an ungrounded conductor and the ground.
  • An individual may offer a passageway between the earth and a conducting substance that is in contact with an ungrounded conductor.

How to prevent Electrical hazards?

Needless to say, the only and effective way to prevent electrical hazards is to use proper insulation. rubber mats and electrical insulation mats are proven to be very much effective in warding off any kind of electrical nuisance. Also, it is very cost effective and industries of all budgets and infrastructure can use it use hassle free.

electrical insulation mats can be obtained as rolls in numerous lengths of 5000 mm and in breadth of 1 000 mm. These dimensions are ideal in order to reduce the joints. However, one must not opt for anything that does not approve the government guidelines for buying electrical insulation mats or rubber mats.

These rubber mats must be free from any sort of harmful physical impurities, irregularities like blisters, cracks, pinch marks, pinholes, cuts, voids, prominent ripples etc. Such perfect electrical insulation mats can only be used to prevent electrical hazards.

Government Approval or Certification of Safety:

If we consider countries like India then BIS Certification Marking is mandatory. electrical insulation mats may also be approved by the Standard Mark. The application of the Standard Mark is governed by the department of the Bureau of Indian Standard & Act, 1986 and the policy and convention completed there under. Also, most of the countries do have standards for packing these rubber mats. These rubber mats must be packed in rolls or laid flat and cannot be distorted mechanically. Also, roll’s material must be rolled easily on concave mandrel made of hard cardboard and throw away plastic, of diameter 50 mm or higher.

Well, these are some of the basics of electrical insulation mats and how it can be effectively be used for the work place safety. However, following the government policies and regulation are a must in these cases. So, it is always better to keep in mind the policies and behave accordingly. Safety of employees comes first of all responsibilities in the world as the work for you and they are your men.

Author’s Bio: The author is a electrical engineer working with a thermal power station based out in India and loves educating and sharing his immense knowledge about the domain of Electrical Hazards and installation of electrical insulation mats.