A Look into Parallax Website Designing and Its Unique Features

A Look into Parallax Website Designing and Its Unique Features


Business companies are always looking for new ways by which they can improve the user experience of their site visitors as it can positively impact their traffic rates. In order to achieve this goal, different types of web design practices are tried that can make it a lot easier for visitors to browse sites. One of the hottest web design trends of the present moment is parallax website designing. Known for being smart, aesthetically appealing and highly responsive for different types of devices, parallax web designing has literally taken the world of intuitive and creative web designing by storm and has improved the scope of what can be achieved online.

In the recent times, parallax scrolling website designing practice has grown into enormous popularity as it offers a new interactive way of online viewing. As web developers and designers are constantly exploring different types of new ways to create effective web presence, they have come up with parallax scrolling that offers engaging visuals and better functionality.

Basic concept of Parallax Design

The term “parallax” has its roots within the sphere of visual effects that were used in the 2D side-scrolling videogames which used different speeds for background image movement for creating an illusion of depth within the game. It was usually done by moving the background images of the game at a slower speed than the foreground images so that they seem further away.


It was this same concept that was adapted for parallax site design where the background of a website moves at a speed that is different than the remaining elements of the page to give rise to a highly impressive visual effect. Parallax design offers the opportunity to explore countless creative applications which can be used for online storytelling.

By using parallax designing, a website can achieve the following advantages:

  • Aesthetically appeal to viewers by using animation and page depth
  • Use a story-telling approach for guiding visitors through the whole site
  • Direct the visitors to a call-to-action message
  • Incite curiosity among visitors so that they take interest in what is presented in the site
  • Reinforce website credibility by using innovative interactive viewing elements
  • Increase the duration of page visits by encouraging the visitors to easily scroll through entire page

Numerous business owners have already benefitted from the exiting features offered by parallax designing. Not only it improves the overall experience of browsing through a site but it also allows the designer to explore new ways of presenting the site’s content to the target audience. Here are some of the reasons why web designers strongly recommend using parallax design for improving a site’s navigational features.

It allows to present content in different segments

Parallax design can be used for highlighting the key areas of a site. When done in moderation, it can be a great way to spark the curiosity of the site visitors who can then check out the remaining of the content by visiting the specific section. This form of designing also makes it easy to add subtle elements to the foreground that make the whole browsing experience much more interesting. By using it only in certain specific parts of the site and not overdoing it, a web designer can encourage the visitors to take the initiative in trying to see everything that the site has to offer.

Parallax designing makes site exploration a wonderful trip

As the parallax designing effect encourages slow and gradual revelation of the different aspects of a page, it presents with the scope for surprising website visitors by taking them into an unexpected journey. By enabling a gradual scroll, new elements of the page are revealed in stages and it serves as a highly effective method for drawing the viewers in and encouraging them to look through a website and see what other unique elements are stored at different corners of the site. When the parallax design effect is combined with stylish video background, it allows for a more enhanced immersive experience.

It makes web content look really interesting


As online visitors are looking through hundreds of websites on a regular basis, their attention span for checking out web content is always dwindling. Due to this reason, it has now become necessary to present the content in an innovative way that spurs the interest of the visitors. This can be easily achieved by using parallax web designing. By adding text to the site’s foreground within a parallax scroll, it is possible to make the words seem magically appear by making them float over the background. This naturally encourages the visitor to check out the content presented here. When there is a large amount of content to be presented, the text can be broken up into small parts and important paragraphs can be highlighted in a strip-segmented parallax scroll.

Singapore web design companies offer the best parallax website design services

As business firms in Singapore are now trying to appeal to a wider segment of potential customers within the local and global market, there is now a greater demand for web design specialists that can offer high quality parallax website design services. A parallax website design agency Singapore with sufficient experience in handling different kinds of design projects can easily offer customized web design expertise to clients that enhance their market prospects.

By taking into consideration the individual requirements of a client, a web design agency based in Singapore can offer valuable guidance on implementing the best parallax web design elements in the business site. The web design company can also present a client with a wide range of fonts, images, colors and other elements to choose from, which can then be used to create the overall look and feel of the website. Since web design firms in Singapore always have an experimental approach in creating web interfaces, they can come up with sites that look unique and out of the box. This ultimately fulfils the basic premise for choosing parallax web design services as clients are looking for highly unique websites that appeal to their target customers.