Common Mistakes in Project Management

Common Mistakes in Project Management


Not giving project in the right hand: Mostly project fails because responsibility of managing project is not given to the right person. Success will come when project is appointed to the persons with right skills. The Project Managers must be chosen on the basis of the right skills not according to availability of them.

All the team members are not getting interests in the project: Project Manager is unable to develop dedication in all the members of the team towards the project resulting that the project is not supported by all. The reason may be one of the following:

(A) Project manager did not made clear what each one has to do in the project.

(B)Didn’t told what personal incentives they would receive on the successful completion of the project.

(C)Didn’t tell how urgent the project is.

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No regular supervision by head: A timely supervision is necessary by the superior to see the things are going in flow.

Handling multiple projects at a time declines Project Management: Various project managers think that doing multiple projects (multitasking) at a time will increase their productivity but opposite happens. It distracts the attention, more time is consumed and decreases productivity thus bad project management. Instead enthusiasm must be shown doing a single project at a time.

Meetings /Communication are not scheduled at regular intervals: Proper Communication makes the strong foundation of success of project management. Meetings should be done regularly regarding project so as to have update. Meetings are done to make strategies for achieving profitability, resolving problems acting as a hindrance in the success path. Poor/improper communication means poor project management.

A particular day of every week can be fixed by the agree ness of the group members for meeting. Meeting can involve sitting all the members together and note down each suitable views of every one to resolve the problems, updates can be taken and new ideas can be put in front etc.

Not meeting deadlines: Completing work on the set date and time is good for building clients trust. Therefore always try to meet the deadline. Missing deadlines after deadlines will lead to lose client trust on you

Selection of Project Management: The choice of project management software plays a vital role in the success of the project. A care must be shown while selecting best project management software using which all members are comfortable.