Factors To Consider When You’re Looking For Swimming Pool Fencing

Factors To Consider When You’re Looking For Swimming Pool Fencing


Installing a swimming pool in the backyard of your house is every house owner’s dream. From relaxing during the weekend with your partner to teaching your child swimming and playing with him or her, a pool makes every wish come true. But your responsibility not only ends with the installation of the pool. Regular chemical checks, cleaning of the pool, fencing it so that pets and children don’t drown are the added tasks that come along with it.

Coming to the last task I have mentioned that is swimming pool fencing, it is a fact that the number of accidents caused every year due to drowning in home pools is quite high. And thus, Australian law has made proper swimming pool fencing mandatory. So, this is not really an option but a necessary. Why take risks when it comes to your kids or pets?

Now, you must be thinking what factors you should check while installing fencing for your backyard pool. Take a look at the following points.


Make sure the fence abide by the local rules – There are some rules related to Pool Fencing in Melbourne and the first and foremost thing that you should check is that the fencing abides by them. Typically, a height above four feet is safe enough. There should not be any wide gaps between the fences so that toddlers or pets cannot squeeze themselves through it. Also, there should be no hand or foot holds as that can help the kids easily climb.

The material should be sturdy and the gate construction should be done in a manner so that it swing outwards, making it all the more difficult for a child to access. Latches should be on the inner side of the gates that is the side which is facing the pool. There should be a maximum gap of one and three-quarter inches between the ground and the fence so that there is no possibility of a toddler or a pet to get inside by forcing themselves from below the gate. As most of the rules vary from locality to locality, so you must go through the local legal rule book regarding this. Otherwise, you may have to pay a hefty fine. Choose a reputed company who has adequate knowledge and experience regarding this.


The material used for the fence – Material will depend on your taste and also on the amount of time and energy your schedule will allow in order to take care of it and maintain it. Wood, aluminium and PVC are the most popular. While wood imbibes a lot of aesthetical value in the space, PVC is for people who hardly have time for maintenance. So I will quickly take you through the features of the materials. Ornamental aluminium looks beautiful and is extremely easy to install.

It is durable, ages slowly and won’t require regular repair. If you want the fencing to also act as a private fencing, then wood would be the best option. This one is also durable but demands attention and care. You will get a lot of options and can get it even customised by talking to your retailer. PVC also acts great when it comes to maintaining privacy. However, you will get limited options in terms of style and this material has a tendency to be a growth ground for mould and mildew. So, you need to clean it regularly. Therefore, choose your material accordingly.

The cost of the fence – The total cost of the fence will depend on various factors. The size of the fence, material used for the fencing, installation cost, number of gates in the fence and others will determine the total cost of the fencing. If you have a specific budget, you have to make the move accordingly.

Now, you know the top factors related to Pool Fencing in Melbourne. Don’t delay and contact a manufacturer immediately. Make your home safe and beautiful with good quality and aesthetic pool fencing.


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