February 14 is Celebrated as A Lovers Delight for Its Beloved ...

February 14 is Celebrated as A Lovers Delight for Its Beloved – Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is the month of love and romance where everything goes red and pink in the midst of people. Valentine’s day has been a precious day to each and every one of us because it is that moment of the year where love is abundant, pious and extravagant and the history goes down to this day is that during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, the Emperor assumed that single men made better soldiers than the men with wives, so he abolished marriage of men, but ST. Valentine felt that it was injustice and he started performing marriages secretly of young lovers. The king got to know about it and he was hanged to death. So in the name of St. Valentine, February 14 is celebrated as a lovers delight for its beloved. Millions and millions of greeting cards, gifts, roses etc are exchanged across the world and boy! it’s a feast for the eyes to see all the love being spread all around.

Since we have talked about valentine’s day gifts like flowers, chocolates etc, let us take a look as to how the online market has improved the way we exchange valentine day gifts for one another.

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Since the introduction of the online marketplace, many people have been able to exchange valentine gift for boyfriend or girlfriend through the online form like sending of E-greeting cards. It became an outburst of the trend during the 20th century for E- Greeting cards because of its available features of personal and image and video availability. Ordering gifts online became easy and compatible because of the great variety available to many customers.Customers have been able to personal their online valentine gifts for him and packaging is also a personal factor for the valentine gift for her.

Sending flowers is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about valentine gift and sending flowers has never been easier because a person can send flowers to husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend who reside in some another city because online florists has made it possible and there are many websites which provide this service where you can select the desired flowers from the website and the website service will deliver the bouquet to the desired person.

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There is a personal option regarding the delivery where you can select which bouquet to gift by clicking the images which provide varied options. The varied options may include combinations like Flowers and Chocolates, Flowers and Cakes, Flower and Teddy, Flower and Sweets, Flower and Dry Fruit, Flower and Greeting Card etc. Personalized greeting cards are also available. The most convenient feature is online payment, where you can pay the amount through your debit or credit card or through money transaction services. It is as simple as that.

So previously greeting cards were personally gifted and sending gifts to loved ones who reside in any distant place was a difficult task or an impossibility but now the online market has changed that aspect where sending flowers or gifts is very easy and it also comes with attractive prices. People also get to know about different or new gifts which have arrived in the market.

Thus the conclusion over here would be that online market has changed the scenario of gifting everyone on valentine’s day. The online market has made a huge business out of it and they have made many people happy because of their services. It has made valentine’s day more cheesy and romantic and the cherry on the top of the cake is convenience where everything can be ordered online at your fingertips.


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