Five Things to Look For In a Control Panel Manufacturer

Five Things to Look For In a Control Panel Manufacturer


If you run a manufacturing unit or industry, the chances are that you will need customized control panels. While there are many control panel specialists and manufacturers that could help you, you need to find the one that you can trust for your control panel needs. This post lists out what you need to look for in when looking for a manufacturer of control panels.

Control Panels are a necessity for many systems in today’s age. These are used to get control, reliability, and safety for your systems. If you are at the engineering capacity and want to get expert help in managing your control panels, outsourcing them will be a choice that you could make. You not only offload work but also can be sure that an expert is working for you. There are many types of control panels that you can opt for. Depending on your requirements and availability, you could choose from local control panels, lighting control panels, operator consoles, remote shutdown panels, etc. There are many control panel manufacturers available around. While choosing the manufacturer that can cater to your needs, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Partnership – For any work or personal relationship to be a success, it is essential that it is a partnership. Only if the manufacturers understand and feel passionately about your needs, will they be able to deliver them as per exact needs. Ensure that you make it a balanced relation rather than a vendor to client relations. A true test will be in times of challenges.
  1. Expertise – Check for the expertise of the prospective control panel manufacturer before you decide to go ahead with them. It is essential that they get your needs and have the resources to support the need. The engineering section of a manufacturer is supposed to support your needs with innovation, technologies, and navigation certification requirements. If the manufacturer has worked in different industries, it assures you that they will be able to solve your problems creatively.


  1. Processes – For a relationship to work smoothly in a professional set up, it is essential that everything that you expect them to deliver and all the inputs that they require from you is documented for clarity. Taking the clarity to next step will be documenting all the processes for the work to be achieved. This means you are not only documenting what you want but also how you want it to achieve. This reduces any future conflicts.
  1. Delivery Timelines – You should be very clear regarding your delivery timelines. Get together with the manufacturer and understand their challenges and discussion your priorities. While you decide on the manufacturer, it is essential that you check for their on-time delivery records. Most of the times you may be promised a date that you feel is achievable but may later get delayed. This causes friction amongst both the parties.
  1. Reputation – While choosing a manufacturer, you must first check if they will be able to deliver what you are looking for. Later we check for the cost attached to the work. These are the two major factors that help us decide. However, it is essential that you also check the reputation of the manufacturer in the market. This should be considered before making a call. The cost may be low; however, if they are not able to deliver what is required then it is not worth the reduced cost.

It is a good thought to get a manufacturer to get your control panels sorted. This will give you more space to work on other functionalities. Just be clear about what you want, and you will be able to get the right control panels for your unit.