Ford Mustang takes on Audi TT

Ford Mustang takes on Audi TT


The automobile industry is in a golden age where customers have loads of options to choose from in almost all genres. As far as the luxury car segment is concerned, the Indian market has seen a great up rise in terms of receptiveness towards such vehicles. Whether it is Mercedes Benz, BMW or Audi, the Indian roads have significant number of premium cars which is a great sign for the things to come. Another one of the more popular performance luxury cars include Ford Mustang and Audi TT. Both these vehicles fall in the same category so it will be interesting to compare the two.


When it comes to appearance, both the sports car have different themes. The Mustang is definitely more muscular with an upright stance with an aggressive front fascia. Audi TT however is much sportier in appearance. In fact the overall theme of Audi TT design is more like a sedan. Therefore a customer would certainly have to pick according to his or her taste.

As far as dimensions are concerned, Audi TT comes with a length of 4177mm, a width of 1966mm and a height of 1353mm whereas Ford Mustang has a length of 4784mm, a width of 2080mm and a height of 1391mm. Both the cars have a lot of color options on offer with Audi TT being available in the colors of panther black, ibis white, phantom black, brilliant red, suzuka grey metallic and samoa orange. There are 6 color choices for Ford Mustang including absolute black, ingot silver, oxford white, magnetic, race red and triple yellow tricot.

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Ford Mustang comes loaded with a 5 litre Ti-VCT V-Type engine that has a displacement of 4951cc with 8 cylinders of 4 valves each. The engine gives away 395bhp power at 6500rpm along with a torque of 515Nm at 4250rpm. Audi TT however has a slightly weaker engine in comparison as far as numbers are concerned.

The sports car uses the 2 litre 16V In-line petrol motor that has a displacement of 1984cc with four cylinders of four valves each. The engine generates a maximum power of 226.6bhp at 4500 to 6200rpm and twists away a torque of 370Nm at 1600 to 4300rpm. The engine is mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission system which is the same as the Ford Mustang. Audi TT uses an all-wheel drive set up whereas the Ford Mustang works with a rear wheel drive setup. Both the cars have a more than decent price tag associated with them however buying a pre owned Ford Mustang will certainly lower the burden in terms of cost.

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Both these performance cars are fast and furious. The Ford Mustang can attain a top speed of 250kmph which is the same number that the Audi TT has to offer. Audi TT can reach the 100kmph mark from a standstill in a matter of 5.3 seconds which is impressive to say the least. As far as mileage is concerned, both the cars do not specialize in providing the best fuel economy but are pretty decent in their own rights. Audi TT gives away a fuel economy of 11.9kmpl for cities and 14.33kmpl for highways. Ford Mustang on the other delivers a mileage of 10kmpl for cities and 13kmpl for highways.


Both the cars have well decorated interior that looks after style and comfort. The Ford Mustang has a slightly more traditional design with leather seats giving a plush feel. The cabin is spacious and beautiful which can also be said about the cabin of Audi TT that also offers enough space for the customers to stretch their legs and relax for the long rides.