Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend Yoga Retreats

Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Attend Yoga Retreats


Yoga is a holistic way of life and at some point, your initiation in this great art is going to demand more dedication and delving in the depths. You may have picked up the postures from YouTube or completed a course at an hourly drop-in yoga center, a feeling of dissatisfaction due to lack of intensive practice is inevitable. Plus, there are certain other aspects to this art other than physical exercise, namely—the underlying philosophy and complimentary techniques.

Learn this in the motherland of yoga- India. It is only at yoga retreats in India that the thirst for advanced education of sincere enthusiasts can be quenched.

Yoga from the Founders

India being the land of origination of yoga has certain advantages for its learners. The instructors at the yogshalas here are steeped in the tradition. You will find teachers who have spent a considerable time of their lives in recluse to master this great art.

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As your guide on the yoga path, you will find certificate holders from prestigious yoga institutes of India, like the Bihar School of Yoga and other schools. Irrespective of which one you are attending among the vast range of yoga retreats in India, you will always find truly enlightened teachers who are rooted strongly in the tradition.

Integrated Syllabus

Though yoga retreats are short time affairs, spanning a week or a little over that, in India, you can expect it to cover a broad range of yoga subjects. On yoga retreats in India, in addition to the postures, you can learn meditation and mind peace, gain access to literary aspects like significant mantras and how to chant them, learn from scriptural readings, and practice spiritual exercises.

The syllabus for retreats is a nice blend of thought provoking aspects and fun activities. If you are focused more on deepening your peace of mind, try out yoga and meditation retreats located at scenic places where nature’s beauty is breathtaking and an ambience of calmness is supreme.

Yoga and Travel Come Together

In India, you can easily blend your love for travel with the enthusiasm for yoga. Most of India’s yoga hotspots are also tourist destinations. Opt for yoga retreats in India in the Himalayan foothill town of Rishikesh or Dharamsala if you are a mountain lover. Sea lovers can choose Kerala, where yoga and Ayurveda are combined in the curriculum of a relaxing mind-body-soul purifying health retreat.

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Connection with Nature

Come to India for a retreat because the connection between man and nature is integral to its culture. Find yourself amidst lush green forests and deep silence of the high altitudes on yoga and meditation retreats in the Himalayas. As you learn the art of journeying inwards, you will experience your soul being one with the spirit in nature.

You will also have a chance to observe the cultural and religious practices of this land to find a plethora of interesting nature symbols and know how these connect to human life.

It might feel like a great commitment to attend retreat in India at the start, but those who have done it, know that it’s worth it!