Know Why Volkswagen Ameo Should on Your Consideration List

Know Why Volkswagen Ameo Should on Your Consideration List


Speculation goes on whether a Volkswagen Ameo is Vento with a smaller boot or a Polo with a slightly bigger boot. Well, the Vento is typically a Polo with a big boot. Based on the same platform, the Vento comes up with an extended wheelbase that offers enough legroom at the back. However, the Ameo is offered with the exact wheelbase as the hatchback with almost no changes mechanically. So, the Ameo is nothing less than a Polo with a slightly bigger boot.

It is also claimed that the Germans have just added a boot to the Polo. Is it so? No, not exactly. By revamping the front bumper, VW has appeared with a new front overhang reduced by 35mm which is further added to the rear. The overall makeover makes the car more proportionate. Some design bits have been added to the front bumper that makes the car look less bulky as compared to the Polo’s.

Are these the only design changes?

So, while it adopts elements including side fenders, doors, headlamps, and the upper grille from the Polo, the rest of the car has be revamped. For example, the roof comes lower by 15mm. Furthermore, the car comes with a sweeping C-pillar that adds more charm to the car than the hatch’s.

What about the rear design?

More or less, most of the elements are new. The latest addition includes a new stubby boot, new bumper, new tail lamps and all that. According to Volkswagen Greensboro NC experts, the Ameo is the first VW particularly considered for India. While it was crafted in Germany by German designers, lots of the inputs have been taken from the guys sitting in VW’s India office. The new revived car is simply tailor-made.

How is the drive?

Nothing much different from the Polo! The platform of the car is capable one. Even how hard you push it, it is able to hold its line rather well. The steering feels really comfortable coming with right amount of weight and it performs progressively with speed. It is, so far, the best sub-4m sedan in terms of handling. And that’s not s big deal because the hatch that it uses is one of the best hatch driving hatches in the segment.

And the ride?

The Amaze and the Xcent really perform well by absorbing bumps. However, unlike its contenders, this one is a bit more pliant lacking in vertical movements compared to others. The struts tend to make a bit of noise at times, nevertheless, it’s not a big concern.

What about Space?

Unlike the Amaze or even the Xcent, Volkswagen Ameo is not that much spacious. The rear knee room is a bit tight. But to create as much space as possible, VW has removed some bits of the front seat padding. For six footers, it is not enough at the back. The front seats can be, however, adjusted to make room for decently built adult.

What’s the interior like?

Much like Polo, it has come up with a well-appointed dashboard with dual-tone finish. The materials are of good quality and so is the fit and finish.

Overall Volkswagen Ameo is impressive. Take it to the local Volkswagen Service Greensboro repair center for regular servicing and repair.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is passionate car enthusiast. She has years of experience in working for famous Volkswagen Greensboro NC brands. She shares a review on Volkswagen Ameo.