LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Sales Representatives Can Use for Lead

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Sales Representatives Can Use for Lead


LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting professionally, finding work and sharing content. But have you ever thought of using LinkedIn for lead generation? Do you use LinkedIn for lead generation? Are you wondering how you can use LinkedIn in order to generate quality leads. In order to learn how to generate leads from LinkedIn and build networks given below are some of marketing strategies that the sales representatives can use for lead generation.

Publishing regular content on LinkedIn Plus: LinkedIn has released its publishing platform in 2014 itself. And since then it has become the most effective way of generating leads from LinkedIn. Publishing on LinkedIn is similar to guest posting. All it recommends is high quality and long term posts that has to be distributed beyond your followers and connections, through your LinkedIn plus and emails. Once you have your content updated
and click on publish the system then immediately notifies your LinkedIn connections. The LinkedIn notification that your customers receives will show the title of your post. And as always the title is always considered to be a paramount. You must have a clickable headline in order to pull in your network.

Participate in the LinkedIn answers: This is one of the most utilized tool when it comes to LinkedIn. This is a section where people can ask industry specific questions and gain relevant answers to it. And guess who gives you the advice. It’s you, because you are an industry insider with a lot many insights and helpful knowledge right. Answering questions related to your industry on regular basis help in establishing yourself as a thought leader.


So if you have a blog post or content that has been providing helpful information about the user’s question, then do make sure that it is well optimized for lead generation.

Joining LinkedIn Groups: When on LinkedIn it is important that you go ahead and join the LinkedIn groups.  The trick is just by joining the other groups in your industry, its joining groups outside those groups will help you grow your business. By stretching out a little bit you will not just expand your reach but will also help in lead generation which is a plus point to any business. Say for example if you are an accountant and don’t wish to join
the accounting groups, you will still join them because of the other entrepreneurs, small business owners and the other groups outside your circle.

Mobile LinkedIn Connecting: Yes LinkedIn has a mobile application. If you have a smart phone and have already downloaded LinkedIn in it, then the very next thing you need to do here is to use it when you are in a trade show or event making one on one contacts and is best used on iPhone. During the entire conversation with your prospects do ask them to turn on LinkedIn on their smart phones. Doing this LinkedIn will help in transferring constant information between phones using Bluetooth. No typing, no misspelled words
it’s just instant transfer of information, and get a lead.

Creating an editorial calendar: Just like any other marketing tool, LinkedIn also requires your team commitment in order to produce best results. Have regular content being shared making sure you stay on the track by having your editorial calender’s maintained. In case you need help there are tools like buffer that can help you create and schedule a content at ease.

Optimizing your business page completely: Your business Page on LinkedIn should be a replicate of your website so that it reflects your brand. So have your LinkedIn page optimized in a right manner by following the below strategies:

Write an useful overview about your organization
Adding keyword rich specialties
Linking to the product and services pages
Adding visually stimulated banners and videos.

LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Advanced features allows marketers to discover the decision makers at the right place and time. You can do this by filtering the company size, number of employees, the location and other factors to uncover the best leads as quick as possible. Use these intelligence from these searches in order to target your content marketing campaigns refining your relationships building efforts on the given network.

LinkedIn Applications: Do take the advantage of LinkedIn applications displaying your brands best content on the personal profile of employees. It’s quite easy enough to disintegrate the Slideshare integration on your profile as well as the company profile. Try and avoid any overt marketing focusing on providing value to your clients and customers. EBooks and tutorials are one of the best ways of utilizing Slideshare for B2B lead


Avoid sending cold messages: Most of us have received unsolicited messages from strangers on LinkedIn at one point or another. These are efforts that are rarely successful. So never cold message the prospects through the networks or you will land up running up the risks of decimating the b2b lead generation. Instead try and build lead generations organically with the key decision makers who are related to your industry.

Posting an update on regular basis: Have atleast 60 seconds being spent every day updating your LinkedIn network. Use the following tips to share the link of a specific article or a video that is relevant enough to your clients and customers. You can also try using the pulse that is being featured on your LinkedIn dashboard.

Each time when you have an update shared you get to be displayed on the feed of all the individuals with whomever you are connected. Never ever have your updated be sold, instead try and add value sharing some expertise instead.

To conclude:

However you choose to go with your b2b lead generation strategies, it is always going to be a hard work. And every business will here require different needs for their b2b lead generation efforts. In other words it might mean using one or two different methods from the ideas mentioned above, or possibly using multiple other methods in conjunction with each other in order to get best marketing results. So is your brand on LinkedIn? How did it help you in getting leads for your business? Do share your reviews in the comments section below.

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email appending services and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.