Pick The Right Charity to Donate a Car in New York

Pick The Right Charity to Donate a Car in New York


Car donation is a process involving a number of steps to get rid of your old unwanted car. Donate a used car in New York to charity and extend help to people who are in need of help.

Have you ever thought about giving your car to a charity? Do you know your old rickety clunker can be of help for someone? Just think of the same old unwanted car has been sitting around your junkyard for such long time. Now you can easily get rid of that by donating it to the charity. There are many car donation organizations that receive old unwanted car irrespective of the condition.

They conduct the charity event to raise fund for the underprivileged, help them with study and meal, get them shelter and all. For many people, a donated car be of great help for transport and all. They might be in need of a car for getting to and fro work, to and from school or even just to the doctor. The good news is that many people are stepping towards helping the community by donating their car so that they can get a new start on life.

Pick a charity and donate a car in New York. One of biggest aspects of car donation is that it gives you tax benefits. If you have a car that is in a working condition and you no longer need it, you have two main options. Either you can sell it, which means you could get money from it or you can donate it. The problem is that many people do not want to purchase used cars, since there are many dealers that can get you a new car within your budget. Hence, donating it to the charity is the ideal option.


Now if you choose to give your unwanted car away, car donation is the best option for you as a car owner that is actually in your favor. It gives you a great benefit as well as you can get to help another. Apart from getting a sizeable tax write-off, you can donate a used car in New York to a registered charity. As it is seen, when it comes to car donation, there is something substantial inline for you, too.

While considering a charity to donate your car, the most important thing is to consider the local area. There are indeed many charities that receive cars to help those who need them the most. These charities are doing a great job raising funds for the education and well being of the needy children. You can find these charities throughout the country, too.

Once you pick a charity, contribute to the social cause by donating your car to them. Many charities don’t receive cars that are not in good working condition for they don’t have enough means to have them fixed. On the other hand, if you are handy with vehicles, you can extend a bit of help in this regard, too.

Make sure your vehicles are relatively safe to drive in, with no known major problems. At the same time, it must have the necessary trimmings and other safety features. Also make sure it is free from any tax liens or loans to avoid any discrepancy regarding the title of the vehicle at the time of donation.

It feels really great to pick a charity and donate a car to them. By doing so, in a way you are giving something back to the society. It gives you a sense of satisfaction after all. Over the years, car donation has helped thousands of families and children with education, job, medical help, shelter and more.

Now if you are serious about it and want to make some remarkable contribution, you need to give it a thought. The first thing you need to consider before donating a car is to find an organization that accept donated vehicles. Take some time and do some research to find the right charity. Have a clear idea about the charitable cause you believe in and can see.

Make sure that the charity you are considering is qualified with the IRS as an approved 501 c (3) non-profit organization. Take care that you can receive your tax-deduction without a hitch. If the charity is IRS approved, they will inform you duly. Yet, you must do your own due diligence and check out the IRS publication to verify the veracity of their claim.

You may also need an acknowledgment receipt from the charity concerned within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle, citing the gross sale proceeds collected through auction. Now, if the charity wants to utilize the car in their daily business or materially improve the car, they must confirm to you this intended use within 30 days of your donation. Also check the fair market value of the the car you are going to donate.

So, do a little bit of background research before donating your car. Be sure to keep your paper work handy for tax return day.