Should You Buy a Separate Camera or Use Your Phone’s?

Should You Buy a Separate Camera or Use Your Phone’s?

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With today’s quality of camera built inside smartphones, the question whether it is still practical to buy a separate camera or not is still quite an issue.

But frankly, it is an issue already answered for more than a hundred times already. The answer is it depends on whether you are a photography enthusiast or simply a selfie addict.

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Please be reminded that there are more than two types of people that use camera. There are also those who are starting out to like the concept of real life photography and there are those who are just curious to test the waters of being a professional photographer.

If you are any of those types and find that the question above is still argumentative then I suppose I should open the case again and show some good points between the two choices: Camera phone or a compact camera?

The Comparison

Alright, let’s start this with the smartphone’s camera.

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Samsung, iPhone, ASUS and many other giant smartphone brands have been making great strides on making the cameras on their respective phones a deal-breaker.

All of them have these things in common compared to compact cameras:

  • Shareability

The best thing about a smartphone is its ability to share pictures online or between mobile phones as soon as you have taken one. Unlike compact cameras that need cable and cords to connect with PCs and connect to the internet.

But recently, there have been cameras that have Wi-Fi functionality that enables the user to share pictures on social media. So I guess, this is not such a big advantage of smartphones anymore after all.

  • Instant Edit

So far, I have not seen a compact camera that has this feature. That is as far as what I have searched online. If there were already cameras that have edit options like effects, layers, and frames then surely, they are not yet in the mainstream.

On the other hand, smartphones versatility to have any pictures taken being edited as soon as you took one is still one good reason to choose mobile phones over compact cameras.

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Since we are all not born photogenic, filters and effects are always a necessity before deciding to share your image.

  • Playback

Both devices have playback options, but there are cases that a compact camera is absent of a display for this need.

And to top it up, smartphones have usually bigger screens compared to the usual 2 inches to 4 inches display size of compact cameras. And smartphones have higher resolutions for seeing fine details in images and videos.

We all know how dreadful it is to find that we don’t really look good compared when we saw it on the camera’s display.

Compact Camera

  • Quality

If you are using a DSLR then the quality of the image is unquestionably (for the most part) good. But if you are using some decent camera units, then I suppose smartphone cameras have a lot more to say about this.

In case you have not seen a flagship phone’s output image like that of Samsung and iPhone, then you probably have no idea how competitive a smartphone camera can be a compact camera.

  • Lens Versatility

A smartphone’s camera is fixed and definitely unchangeable compared to most cameras. And it is still widely known that a digital zoom is still not as good as optical zoom.

DSLR are the best option if you want an interchangeable camera lens for different purposes, scenes, and environment.

  • Battery

This feature is presently arguably since a lot of smartphones now are packed with high capacity batteries. But still, compact phones are still known to take around 500 shots before finally shutting down. Unlike smartphones that usually drains out as soon as you reach a hundred shots.

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—that’s usual for the typical smartphones.

  • Cost

Flagships smartphones that are packed with high-end camera in them are costly. And with the rise of smartphones with cameras, sales for compact cameras have dropped dramatically.

So unless you are planning to buy a DSLR then the cost is a different story. But for the most part of the market, cameras have dropped their prices and are now low-cost.

Going back to the question whether to buy a compact camera or go for your smartphone’s camera, the line between those two have dramatically blurred as well. For enthusiasts in photography, the answer would be an easy “Yes”. They will surely choose a camera over the smartphones. But for the majority of the population, surely they will consider getting a smartphone for their picture-taking opportunity. That is because smartphones are almost an all-in-one device.

So if you are to answer the question, what would your answer be and why? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and let’s discuss it.

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