Stylish Winter Travel Outfits to Keep You Warm

Stylish Winter Travel Outfits to Keep You Warm


For many, winter is a wonderful season meant for fashion and style. Probably, it is an ideal time of the year when people can try out different style and statement to enhance and accentuate their look and personality.

Winter is a time when you can try something warm and comfortable. All you have to do is to find the right online store and buy the right piece of sweater dress to look sober yet stylish. There are a variety of sweater dresses available in the market. These dresses are perfect for the season. Styling it, however, can be a little bit tricky.

For those looking to explore exotic destinations, choosing stylish winter travel outfits will be the best way to keep you warm. Beat the elements and style boredom in your next winter venture sporting a suitable combination. Try out the following tips to style sweater dresses with rest of the attire and look gorgeous while traveling.

Wrap a Belt around the Waist: The common conjecture goes that sweater dresses might make one look shapeless. But that is not so if you can belt them in at the waist. The creation of this contour elevates your look and personality. If you want to wear a thick knit dress, using a thicker belt around the waist will be the right thing to do. Be sure that the dress is a loose-fitting one.

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Layered: You can find the idea of layering very nice and fascinating. You can layer it artfully by doing it underneath a coat. Under the dress, you can consider teaming it up with  thick tights and finish the look with a cozy scarf. The structure of your coat should conform to the fitting of the clothe.

With Tights: A loose-fitting one can be considered with tights. Thick black tights are the automatic choice, but if you wish, you can try out other colors as well. For extra warmth, you can have knee-length socks over the tights.

Accessorized: Even the best sweater dresses for women without accessory might look plain and simple. To glam it up, it is best to accessorize them with rich jewelry. A statement necklace, some earrings, and some cuffs would enhance the overall look.

Off the Shoulder: If you are looking for a sweater dress that can be suitable in the evening, an off the shoulder one is the best choice for you. You can glam up your look by sporting eye-catching drop earrings. If you are not attending a formal occasion, you may want to look a bit sexy. Try out a more fitting dress to flatter your figure. Have some stilettos on along with a clutch to finish the look.

With Boots: For a gorgeous look, team up the dress with a pair of black ankle boots with thick heels. You can also try them with knee-high boots. The combination of stylish sweater dress and knee-high boots can be a great way to feel comfortable. The combination never fails on you as you can surprise your peers with this new look.

With Sneakers: Stay super casual with sneakers, especially when you want to flaunt your legs a bit. A pair of sneakers perfectly flatters your feet, while sweater dress can glam you up nicely.

Contoured: If you want to dress for an occasion, you can consider a fitted sweater dress. A finer knit fabric would serve you well. Since fine knitted, fitting ones can be little tight. So it will be best to wear some contouring clothing underneath.

Tie a Plaid Shirt: To keep your sweater dress from being too preppy, you wrap a plaid shirt around your waist. The combination gives a different kind of look.

With Leather Leggings: Even if you are a little fat, you can just sport a gorgeous look by wearing leather leggings to strike a cool contrast against a slouchy knit sweater dress. You can either go with flats or heels. Both give a different look and add dimension to your personality.

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Add a Cool Hat and Sunglasses: To achieve more of a street style look, you can add cool hat and sunglasses. The combination makes you look street smart.

Over Tight Skinny Jeans: If you don’t like showing skin, wear a sweater dress over tight skinny jeans. A dark pair jazzed up with a pair of heels can be effectively considered to avoid looking to too bulky.

So what is the best way to wear all of these essentials without entering blob territory? Simply coordinate your outerwear, and keep the base layers basic with neutral sweaters and denim. Find the right store and shop online to get the right outfit for this winter. Buy Rag and Bone sweater dresses from the nearby online store and make the winter venture a memorable one.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is a freelance writer and a fashion enthusiast. In her recent write-up, she talks about stylish winter outfits to keep warm and comfortable. She mentions, a local shopping search engine that offers all updated news and information about sales and discounts on sweater dresses for women.