Top Five Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom Tiles

Top Five Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom Tiles

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Bathroom tiles are often hard to clean because they have engraved parts that are being filled and polluted by germs. The good thing about tiles is the fact that they are washed every single day because bathrooms are naturally wet, damped and dripping.

Cleaning bathroom tiles and floorings can sometimes be expensive because you have to buy some devices and materials in order to clean your bathroom but there are actually things that you may use in the cheapest way possible and they can just be found right at the heart of your humble home!

Here are the five cleaning hacks that you may follow in order to clean your bathroom:

  1. Toothbrush

This may sound odd but toothbrush isn’t only used for your teeth. Yes, toothbrush is actually a great cleaning device that can also be used in your bathroom, particularly in your tiles. Toothbrush is a great alternative if you don’t have a scrubbing device in your bathroom.

Bathroom tiles are often polluted with germs and stains that are hard to remove but a single toothbrush could actually wipe them off your bathroom. Just brush the engraved parts of the tiles and you are good to go.

  1. Boiling Water

A boiling water is a very effective way of cleaning your bathroom tiles. A hot water can kill and destroy germs and stains that surrounds your bathroom because of its hot matter. Hot water is really effective unlike chemical materials that do nothing good for your tiles.

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Always remember that this doesn’t apply to all types of bathroom tiles as there are tiles that may crack and break when you put hot water so it still depends upon the material and quality of your bathroom tile if spilling hot water will be effective or not. Be aware when you are cleaning as you do not want to get burned by hot water.

  1. Oil

We are all aware that oil is often used in cooking and grilling but it can also be used as a substitute for cleaning your bathroom tiles. Oil is considered as a very natural cleanser. It has the ability to take in and soak up germs from your bathroom flooring. You should also take note the fact that oil is not just used in bathrooms, it can also be used in your living room and bedroom floorings as it is a very universal type of cleaning material.

  1. Bleach and Vinegar

Bleach and vinegar is actually one of the most cheapest, effective and practical ways to clean bathroom tiles. Before you start, you would have to provide a spray bottle as it is where you will put your bleach and vinegar mix. Next, pour the vinegar and bleach inside the bottle and mix until they are firm and fine. Once you are done, go straight to your bathroom and look for stains and spray them your mix. You could use your toothbrush or any scrub to wipe off the stains and you’ll definitely get a great result.

  1. Baking Soda

Who loves baking? Well, you’re on the wrong page. This will not be about baking pastries and cupcakes, this will be about how a baking soda can help clean a bathroom. Baking soda, as we all know, is commonly used in baking but it can actually clean off your bathroom tiles as well. Sounds odd? Not anymore.

You can mix baking soda with either kerosene, vinegar or hot water and once they’re mixed, you can already use it as a liquid to brush off unwanted stains and germs from your bathroom.

Bathroom tiles are sensitive and some floorings cannot withstand pressure so you have to make sure that you’re doing the right thing event if you’re doing it in an easy way. Well, there’s actually no easy way to clean a bathroom but if you choose to be practical about things then you will be able to achieve your goal. If you don’t want to spend too much on cleaning materials then you can follow the hacks and tips stated above. After all, it’s not about what you used to clean, it’s about how you did it. And the ones written above will surely give you the result that you wanted.

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for CTM Flooring, an Australian business providing home flooring services in the retail market since 1998. Mark is also fascinated by the idea of giving out tips and ideas to people who are courageous and serious in bringing out the best in their households.


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