Will I Ever Need To Apply For A New EIN For The...

Will I Ever Need To Apply For A New EIN For The Same Business?


As your business grows, your company structure or business name may change. Even if the name of your company didn’t change, you still may need to apply for an EIN for the same business depending on the structure of your business. Below are some of the determining factors that may require you to apply for a new EIN number based on the way your business is set up.

Sole Proprietors

  • If you have filed bankruptcy.
  • If you go from a SP or LLC to incorporated.
  • If your company enters a partnership and beings to operate as such.
  • If you acquire an existing business that will be operated as a SP.


  • If the Secretary of State issues your corporation a new charter.
  • If your company becomes a subsidiary of an existing corporation.
  • You change business structure from corporation to SP or partnership.
  • After a merger, a new corporation is created.


  • If you go from a partnership to being incorporated.
  • If you end a partnership and enter into a new one.
  • Your partnership ended by the other partner taking over your part of the partnership and begins to run company as a SP, and you are starting a new company.

Limited Liability Company

The LLC business structure was created on a state level, and does not have its own tax classification with the federal government. You need to review your business structure and your states regulations to determine what tax entity to use with the IRS.

How to Apply 

Applying for an EIN with the federal government has become a streamlined process, and with IRS-EIN-Tax.ID.com you have the ability to simply apply for EIN online with all the requested information, receive your EIN via email or mail, and then you are ready to begin utilizing that new number.

You have to identify what is the “same” about your business, and what has changed. Based on that information you will be determine if you need to apply for another EIN or not.